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1/6 Weapons Guns Rifles

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1/6 military accessories weapon gun rifle Browning High Power Colt M1911 Glock 17 SIG226 with holster M92F M1911 Custom HK P7 Revolver SW 360 HK MK23 SOCOM MP5K MP5A USP Silver PSG 1SIG 551 Browning 1919 G36 Micro Uzi M16 magazine SDU Holster 6004 Shotgun Shell MP5 RAS MP5K with Infrared Aim and Twin Magazine AKS74U machine gun M4 with M203 M1A1M3 S90 With Light G3A3 Real Sight and SureFire World Weapon Collection 2 AK-109 FA-MAS 5.56 F1 FN-FAL L1A1 M4-S.I.R. P90TA HK PSG-1 M1911 w/ silencer and buttstock Gun's M4 SPR M4 CQBR M4 GRENADE Hot Toys Modern Firearm Set Series 2 M40 w/ AN/PVS-10 M40 w/ MST-100 Rifle Scope M14 (Vietnam War Ver.) M14 (Modern Ver.) DRAGUNOR SVD M4A1 R.I.S. w/ M203 MP5 SD6 P90 Tan Version M60E1 GPMG Red Horse 1/6 Scale Accessory Pak SVDS and AKM AKM w/ Drum Mag Hot Toys Modern Firearm Set Series 3 AKM w/ Adjustable Amplifier Flash Hider AKM w/ Drum Mag AKM w/ Folding Grip M4 w/ ARFX-E Stock M4 w/ Duostock M14 SOCOM II M14 SOCOM w/ Silencer M40 w/ Silence






We collect different loose weapon from a lot of source.  You can find unusual weapon which is not parted out from regular figures from the market as you usually find in eBay or other e-store so grab your favorite ones before they become unavailable forever.  Most of the collection you can see here has very limited supply only and many of them have stopped production already




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