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Online 1/6 action figure hobby shop selling 1/6 action figures 12 inches action figures from Hot Toys Very Hot CBT BBI Dragon DID ACE wprkshop Ignite Armoury Triad Toys Sideshow Collectibles RMC Barrack Sergeant Saturday Toys GIJoe CZ Girl CY Girl Medicom Takara 1/6 accessories 1/6 casual clothing, 1/6 guns, 1/6 weapons, action figure accessories, 1/6 shoes sneakers , action figfure jeans, t-shirt, 1/6 loose parts, casual clothes, custom clothing and some rare collectibles action figures Soldier Story 1:6 Military Action Figures uniform set and boxed action figure


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1/6 military action figure brands are mostly based in Hong Kong and mainland China. works very closely with all those 1:6 12" action figure manufacturers and 1/6 whole sales agents to obtain the most up-to-date 12" action figures, 1/6 scale accessories, 1:6 scale bits and pieces and distribute them in the most timely manner and with the most reasonable pricing you can see in the Internet.  Below are the most well known 1/6 action figure brands in the market.  Please feel free to click into every page to see the details of their 1:6 action figures products in the market. has been well known for it's abundance of product information and product photos so please check out  all pages to obtain as much information as you like.  Thank you for your viewing of our 1/6 action figures product pages!!


1/6 Military Action Figures (boxed Figures and sets)

1/6 Hot Hots action figures and accessories


DID 1/6 WWII WW2 military action figure


Toy Soldier Military Action Figures uniform set and boxed action figure


Armoury 1/6 Action Figures


Very Hot Military Action Figure and accessories sets uniform weapon loose items

ACI military action figure and boxed figures

1/6 BBI Blue Box Toys Military Action Figues

Dragon WWII WW2 milliary action figure German Russian USA soldier action figures

Ignite Roman Historical 1/6 Action Figures Expert Toys 1:6 action figures and 1/6 accessories A.C.E. Workshop 1/6 Military Action Figures and accessories
Soldier Story 1:6 Military Action Figures uniform set and boxed action figure   RMC Realistic Model 1/6 action figure guns rifles weapon accessories and figure sets
  Takara 1/6 Action figure  
Threezero Hong Kong SDU 1/6 Action Figure costume   Medicom 1/6 Military Action Figures

1/6 Military Loose Parts and Accessories

1/6 Military action figure loose item accessories head gear gas mask helmet google protec helmet night vision Cap woolly hat

1/6 action figure nude body heads boots vest figure heads

1/6 weapon knife guns pistol M4 AK47 Rifle Magazine cap shotgun shell MP5

1/6 action figure accessories backpack pouch belt molle backpack

1/6 camera PDA cellphone notebook laptop computer watches camcorder

1/6 card set red hourse AK47 M4 GIJOE Uniform RMC

1/6 Female Action Figures

1/6 Female Action Figures Clothing

BBI TAKARA CY Girl Cool Girl 1/6 female action figures    


  Funtoys Custom made 1/6 female CY girl Cool Girl clothing catsuit wetsuit french maid and other custom costumes  

1/6 Action Figures Casual Clothing and accessories

1/6 casual cloth 1/6 Cap Hat by Funtoys 1/6 casual jacket vest snow down jacket by Funtoys 1/6 shirt T-shirt sweat shirt hooded shirt long sleeve short sleeve T-shirt Made to order 1/6 clothing racing suit wetsuit suite raincost 1/6 scale custom made clothing project
1/6 jeans pants custom clothing 1/6 sneaker shoes boot 1/6 bags accessories and other bits and pieces